Sidral always available in your life!

Sidral offers a wide range of sweet products which quickly will earn the attention and loyalty of children and the trust of their parents. From our Sidral Sidral straws, the great classic of the brand, to the spectacular cakes, we help you to have an attractive point of sale, irresistibly and delicious.

Traditional brand

With over 100 years of history, Sidral still on the market using its traditional image. A recognizable brand by parents and grandparents who awakens fond memories, builds confidence and facilitates purchase at the point of sale.

Innovative products

Attract initial attention of small is relatively easy with flashy packaging. But surprise through the sense of taste in a market with so much variety … That’s not so simple. So Sidral always proposes innovative products.

Adapted to the needs

Our products have been adapted to facilitate your response to the current demands of parents and users. Most of our products do not contain gluten or other allergens, and are made with top quality ingredients.

Flexible and adaptable

The taste and preferences of children has a direct relationship with the habits of their environment and their elders. Therefore, it is important to know each market: to offer customers successful products. The size of our company allows us that flexibility.

Maximum quality

We work only with quality raw materials. We manufacture our products in facilities adapted to the highest demands. With Sidral you have a security: you can recommend us to your customers with total tranquility.

We help you to sell

They are not just words: it is action. Our company is firmly committed to you as a customer and if you request help us to market the products, we are always open to proposals of production of brochures and sell sheets with the aim of providing assistance to market the products.

Direct interaction

Our sales network covers Spain and international markets such as France, UK and Germany. Proximity to the customer is a base for us, so we try to be as close as possible to our customers and provide the information they need.

¿Do we talk?

If you want to receive more information, you have doubts about a product or you want to send any other query… Whatever: we are at your disposal to continue talking.


Quick response

We serve our orders in the shortest possible time, helping you to have a flexible and dynamic replacement products. We work to provide a solution to your needs quickly and efficiently … So you just have to take care of selling.